Friday, November 6th, UVic

Please note: all events in Fine Arts rm 103 unless otherwise listed

10:00-11:00:  A Taste of Sky: Gendered Aspects of Indigo Dye Talk and demonstration by Jean Kares on indigo.
Please note: this talk and demonstration will be held in the Elliott Building on the UVic campus, rm 061.

11:15-12:00: University of Victoria Art History and Visual Studies student, Claire Aitken, leads a tour of the exhibition she curated, Woven, Embroidered and Stitched in Tradition: Women’s Textile Labor in 20th Century Asia.

The exhibition showcases heritage textiles and garments produced by women from various regions in Asia from the Uvic Legacy Art Gallery and on loan from private collections. Please note: this talk will be held in the UVic Library, in the Maltwood Gallery and Special Collections

12:00-1:00: Talk in conversation with the exhibition: The Transition of Kimono, Kimono Industry, and Kimono Culture over the Last 150 Years, by Hitomi Harama.
Please note: this talk will be held in the UVic Library, in the Maltwood Gallery and Special Collections

1:00-1:45: Lunch

1:45-2:30: Screening of documentary film THREADS, followed by filmmakers Cathy Stevulak and Leonard Hill

THREADS is an intimate portrait of 84-year old Bengali artist, Surayia Rahman, who transforms the quilt-work tradition of kantha to create possibilities for a better life for her family and hundreds of destitute mothers in Bangladesh. Over three decades, as their art becomes prized possessions of connoisseurs around the world, Surayia Rahman and the artisans overcome their hardships with needle and thread, stitch by stitch. THREADS takes us on a journey into the heart of an artist and illuminates an unconventional path to dignity and independence.

2:30- 3:45: Roundtable Museum Matters (Susan Bean, Christine Guth, Tzu-I Chung, Rebecca Hall, Cristin McKnight Sethi)

This roundtable brings together local and international curators for a dialogue with the audience on display, authenticity, and revival of heritage textile and garment production and use in Asia.

3:45-4:00: tea break

4:00-5:45: Panel The Fabric of Identity (Su Yen Chong, Christin Yu, Kyunghee Pyun, Rebecca Hall)

Speakers in this panel examine how various examples of Asian textiles and garments convey identity (communal, religious, gendered, national) and how their design, function, production, and meanings changed throughout the long 20th c.

5:45-6:45: keynote by Beverly Lemire, Gendered Textiles from the Pacific in the Colonial
Americas, c. 1600-1900.‘Decentered’ Histories of Material Technologies

7:00: Dinner for participants